For the Record

The City of Hamilton strives to provide accurate information to the public in a number of ways. For example, we often use the assistance of the media to communicate our messages. On occasion, we request a correction or clarification from the media on a story that may contain a factual error.  In addition to newspaper clarifications, this page will be utilized to address concerns that members of City Council receive from community members.

On this page, we hope to "set the record straight" by providing that factual information directly to the public, and we will post any corrections or clarifications that we have requested from the media as well as addressing concerns relayed to members of City Council.

April 13, 2016 Agenda Items that have been moved to a Later Date

Two Public Hearings were scheduled for the April 13, 2016 City Council Meeting have been suspended until the May 11, 2016 City Council Meeting. Both Public Hearings addressed the rezoning of several properties on North Dick and Park Avenue. The first hearings properties listed are: 200, 202, 204, 206 N. Dick Avenue and 770 Park Avenue (City Lot Nos. 6546, 6545, 6544, 16545, 27530, and 27531). The second hearing’s property is 814-816 Park Avenue (City Lot No. 6551). The purpose of the hearings was to discuss rezoning homes and lots from R-1 Single Family Residential District to R-2A Two Family Residence District.  The hearings last for over a half hour and various questions were raised about specific properties and the potential impact rezoning has for the area. City Council decided to suspend both Public Hearings until May 11 so that more time could be had to get City Council clearer answers to some of their pending questions. As a result all legislative items (agenda items 9-13) were not read as a result of their respective Public Hearings not yet concluded. 

Agenda item number 6, an ordinance amending the zoning of the former Lincoln School site (City Lot No. 23680) from R-2 Single Family Residence District to R-4 Multi-Family Residence District, was not voted on during the April 13th City Council Meeting. This was the result of concerned neighbors to the site attending the City Council Meeting and voicing said concerns. Currently a senior living facility (AHEPA) is examining the site as a potential new location. City Council felt that though there had already been a few community meetings about the project one final meeting should be held. The purpose of this would be for AHEPA to discuss their potential plans one final time with the surrounding residents and hear potential concerns. 

The final community meeting is set for May 4th at the Hispanic Church of God Princeton Pike West located at 1815 Tuley Rd. Hamilton, OH 45015. The meeting will be at 6:30pm. The ordinance will then be voted on at the May 11th City Council Meeting.