City Hall

  1. City Council

    The Hamilton City Council considers and acts on matters of governmental or utility operations, which involves the establishment of policy decisions and/or the enactment of legislation.

  2. City Manager

    The City of Hamilton operates under the Council-Manager form of government established in 1926.

  3. Fellowship Program

    The City of Hamilton, Ohio’s Fellowship Program comprises of 3 11-month post-graduate fellowships preparing individuals for a dynamic, upper management-oriented career in city management, utilities, engineering, economic development.

  4. Charter Amendments

    Read the available charters that have been amended.

  5. City Travel Expenses

    Browse reports on city-paid travel, that cost more than $500 or involved an overnight stay, by city employees and help keep your government accountable.

  6. Observed Holidays

    Find schedules for holiday closings for City buildings and services.

  7. Phone Directory

    Get numbers for different departments, offices, and services within the City.