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Memorial Plaza

The “PROTECTOR” is a dramatic and visible symbol of law enforcement at it’s best. Imagine the positive image located at the Hamilton Police Department, 331 S. Front St.— for a memorial of officers killed in the line of duty.

The original “PROTECTOR” was created for Chief Andrew Revering and the Anoka City Police Department in 1987. It depicts a uniformed officer holding the hand of a small child, and symbolizes all that is honorable in our profession.

A gracious donation was given to the department by Donna and Pat Carruthers for this everlasting memorial.

The Hamilton Police Department's statue is customized by Brodin Studios Inc. to reflect in detail our uniform.

Memorial Sculpture Plaza

If you would like to be a part of our history you can download the form and purchase the personalized pavers to be placed around the statue.

The Hamilton Police Department and our Police Memorial Committee are pleased to provide you with the first ever Limited Edition Hamilton Police Department Challenge Coin. It is presented in conjunction with the dedication of our Police Memorial.

Challenge Coin Front Challenge Coin Back
Front Back

If you are purchasing a personalized brick paver for the plaza area, the cost is $50.00 per brick and a coin is included at no extra cost. These coins will be given to every individual who purchases a brick paver.

If you would like to purchase this historical coin at the dedication ceremony, the coins are $10.00 each. If at a later time you wish to purchase a coin or the pavers, please contact the Public Affairs Section at (513) 868-5811, extension 2007.

Miniature Replica Statues
If you would like to purchase a replica statue in bronze mounted on a walnut stand with a personalized message on a plaque, please contact Brodin Studios for additional information. Orders will be taken directly from Brodin Studios and the cost per statue is $125.00 plus shipping. They can be contacted at 1-800-274-5194.

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