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City Council

The Hamilton City Council considers and acts on matters of governmental or utility operations, which involves the establishment of policy decisions and/or the enactment of legislation. The Council adopts legislation pertaining to the expenditure of money, the levying of assessments, establishment of traffic regulations, approval of the City's annual budget and all other matters of governmental nature. Since the water, electric, gas and wastewater utilities are all municipally owned and operated in Hamilton, Council also acts on all matters involving the establishment of policy, expenditure of monies and the establishment of rates for these utilities.

City CouncilThe Hamilton City Council is the direct representative of the citizens of the City of Hamilton. Pursuant to the provisions of the Hamilton City Charter, the City council is comprised of six members elected at large for staggered four-year terms. The Mayor is separately elected for a four-year term. The Vice Mayor serves two years and is the Council member who receives the highest number of votes in each Council election.

Hamilton City Council meets every* second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 1st floor of the Municipal Building.

*subject to change for the holiday season in November and December.
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