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Leaf Collection Schedule 2013
Posted Date: 10/22/2013
In an effort to improve leaf collection efficiency and to reduce costs, Public Works is performing a single leaf collection pass throughout the City and changing the dates to better align for maximum pick-up.

The one pass leaf collection will begin on October 28 in areas with fewer trees. Areas with heavier concentrations of mature trees will be targeted toward the middle and end of the schedule, which concludes on December 6. Two routes are scheduled for collection each week and crews will work ahead on upcoming routes when possible.

Preliminary leaf pick-up will begin on October 15 to test the equipment prior to full operations. Prior to October 28, residents whose leaves are ready for pick up may call 785-7550 or utilize the Online 311 Citizen Request Center to request early pick up.

To determine your route and date, please review the route maps here.