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The City of Hamilton operates under the Council-Manager form of government established in 1926. The City Council serves as the legislative body, while the City Manager is responsible for the administration of the City departments.

Civil Service and Personnel department maintains all employee personnel records and coordinates the hiring process for new employees. It administers Civil Service examinations and is also responsible for the City of Hamilton School District coordination in matters of Civil Service.

Economic Development department is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of Hamilton's business community.

The Finance Department is responsible for the administration of the financial affairs of the City. There are several areas under the Finance Department’s direct supervision including Purchasing, Income tax, Accounting & the Treasury.

The City of Hamilton Health Department focuses on providing quality healthcare services and support to residents of the community.

Municipal Court serves the City of Hamilton and the Townships of St. Clair and Ross. Hamilton Municipal Court has jurisdiction over felony probable cause hearings, traffic and criminal misdemeanor offenses, small claims, evictions and civil actions of fifteen thousand dollars or less.

Parks & Recreation division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and scheduling of activities on the City’s parks including golf courses, swimming pools, boating facilities, athletic fields, B.M.X. bike track, skate park and nature areas. In addition, the department assists the schools with playground installation, athletic field renovations and maintenance.

Planning department is comprised of three Divisions: Division of Planning, Neighborhood Development Division and Construction Services Division. This Department, in conjunction with the Planning Commission, is involved in land use management, community development, research, and a wide variety of other planning-related tasks.

Public Safety
The City of Hamilton Police Department is the 139th internationally accredited law enforcement agency, and operates with a proactive approach to public safety.  The City of Hamilton Fire Department is a full paid, professional department providing fire and emergency medical services including paramedic response and transport.

The City of Hamilton Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining much of the City’s infrastructure including traffic and transportation planning, design and maintenance of the City street system, and maintenance of the storm and sanitary sewer systems. The Wastewater Treatment plant treats an average of 20 million gallons of wastewater each day.

The City of Hamilton owns and operates four utility systems to serve customers within the greater Hamilton area.  The Gas and Water Department is responsible for the maintenance of efficient gas and water services to customers. Hamilton owns and operates both thermal and hydroelectric facilities for generation and distribution.  The Electric Department is responsible for the operation, maintenance and construction of the City of Hamilton’s electric generation facilities and electric transmission systems.

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