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Meldahl Hydroelectric Project

The City of Hamilton, Ohio, and its partner, American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP), together hold a license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to develop a new, renewable energy, hydroelectric generating facility, called the Meldahl Hydroelectric Project.  The Meldahl Project is located on the Ohio River, approximately 40 miles east of Cincinnati, at Foster, Kentucky, near Augusta, Kentucky. The Meldahl Project includeaerial phot of meldahl hydro july 2015s a 105 megawatt "run-of-the-river" hydroelectric plant, under construction at the Captain Anthony B. Meldahl Dam and Locks operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. At an estimated construction cost of $504+ million, the hydroelectric turbine powerhouse is being built on the Kentucky side of the river, due to the locks, used by river traffic, are situated on the Ohio side. The Meldahl Project’s proposed 138 kV transmission line will carry its electricity to the national electric grid by crossing the Ohio River and running approximately 2.2 miles to an existing PJM Interconnect in Clermont County, Ohio.

The Meldahl Project represents a significant economic development investment and will provide a new source of clean, zero emission electric generation. Hydroelectric plant construction will peak with more than 400 construction workers representing a variety of construction trades. Hamilton and AMP have turned the Meldahl Project site over to Alberici/Baker Joint Venture for construction of the facility. The Baker partner in the joint venture is Baker Concrete Construction, headquartered and highly respected in Butler County, Ohio, for which the City of Hamilton is County Seat.

Moody's Investor Service recently performed a financial review of the Meldahl Project revenue bonds.  Based upon their review, Moody's affirmed the previous A3 rating for these bonds.  For additional details on this affirmation, click here to read a recent article from the AMP Weekly Newsletter.  
Meldahl plant view 2 9/2014
Hamilton owns and operates its own municipal electric system, providing electricity to approximately 30,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers and is a founding member of AMP, its partner in the Meldahl Project.  AMP, a non-profit corporation, serves as a joint action agency for a consortium of electric generating and/or distributing cities located in Ohio and several other states. In addition to Hamilton, approximately 47 other cities through membership in AMP are participating in the Meldahl Project. Upon commercial operation, scheduled for 2015, Hamilton’s entitlement is 51.4% of the Meldahl Project’s electric output, with other AMP member communities being entitled to 48.6%.            

Questions or comments regarding the Meldahl Project can be directed to the following:

City of Hamilton:
Timothy E. Bigler, Director of Energy Management, (513) 785-7200,

Jeff Martin, Manager of Hydroelectric Operations, (513) 785-7200,

Kent Carson, Senior Director of Communications, (614) 540-0842,

Transmission Line and Substation Project Associated with the Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility 
On November 28, 2011, the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) authorized the City of Hamilton and AMP to construct a 2.2-mile long 138-kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line in Clermont County. The new transmission line will connect the 105-megawatt Meldahl hydroelectric facility that is under construction in Bracken County, Kentucky to the existing 345-kV Zimmer-Spurlock transmission line in Ohio.

The Meldahl transmission line will provide southwest Ohio with additional low-cost power from a renewable energy resource and enhance service reliability for the region’s municipal electric customers. The project includes a supporting substation where the new line interconnects with the Zimmer-Spurlock line. AMP and Hamilton began construction on the line in 2012. 

Meldahl Project By-The-Numbers 

  • 3 - Number of hydroelectric generating turbines being installed at the Meldahl Project
  • 35 - Megawatt rating of each of the hydroelectric turbines
  • 6,060 - Approximate tons of steel and steel reinforcement to be used on the Meldahl Project
  • 111,370 - Approximate cubic yards of concrete used in construction on the Meldahl Project

For additional details and photos on the Meldahl Project, click here, to visit the AMP website.  Additional photos of constructailrace view of meldahl hydro july 2015tion at the Meldahl Project site can also be found by clicking here.


Meldahl Fun Fact: The Meldahl facilities, when completed, will be over 80 feet tall; however, the hydroelectric turbines and other generating parts must be installed to meet tolerances requiring accuracy within fractions of a millimeter!





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