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Richard J Fleming Fellowship

The City of Hamilton, Ohio’s Richard J. Fleming Memorial Fellowship is an 11 month post-graduate program preparing individuals for a dynamic, management-oriented career in local government and utilities management.

This Fellowship position will create and perform the marketing/branding work associated with the promotional enhancement of our utility resources and distribution; as well as conduct analysis into efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

The nature of the work will allow the selected Fellow to define, lead, and drive the creative and business focused approach to raising the profile our utility branded assets for the City of Hamilton, Ohio. This position will build and execute creative services for online, email and SEM marketing initiatives, sales, site merchandising and overall user experience. The selected Fellow will also work closely with other City Departments in the formulation of creative content for new marketing strategies and advertising programs that strengthen market distinction and leadership. 

The nature of the work performed requires that a Fellow establish and maintain close working relationships with not only other City departments, but with the Hamilton business, school and civic community.

This work is performed under the direction and supervision of the Director of Utility Operations/Deputy City Manager. Considerable leeway is granted in the exercising of independent and professional judgment.

• Review and create City utility marketing programs based around key assets
• Create and develop advertising materials including (but not limited to) social media campaigns, educational pamphlets, signage, informational sheets
• Create and manage short and long-term marketing campaigns-ability to measure impact
• Work in conjunction with other City Departments to create unified branding efforts
• Maintain/create metrics, reports, process documentation, retailer log records based around water bottling and other “marketable” assets
• Establish or monitor specific supply chain-based performance measurement systems
• Negotiate with contracted distributers to improve supply chain efficiency or sustainability
• Analyze the financial (or other) impact of proposed logistics changes, such as money loss or gain, product volumes or mixes, or decline in retail carriers
• Performs statistical analysis for all five utilities 


Prospective candidates will possess a master’s degree or have completed all coursework towards a master’s degree prior to July 1, 2013.

The selected candidate, upon successful background check and drug screen, will be paid an annual salary of $25,000. In addition to the annual salary, the City of Hamilton will pay for housing ($12,000) for the fellow at the Historic Mercantile Lofts conveniently located across the street from City Hall in downtown Hamilton and will also cover expenses for parking in the public parking garage attached to the Lofts. Health insurance benefits will not be provided. The City of Hamilton will also cover expenses for the selected fellow to attend a conference in relation to his/her duties.

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• Understanding of traditional communications design practices, including user knowledge of digital/graphic design, printing, and video editing software (exp. Adobe Illustrator & Final Cut Pro)
• Strong sense of aesthetic judgment and design intuition for a wide range of projects
• Ability to utilize personal computers with a strong knowledge of business and statistical packages – data driven
• Coursework in logistics, supply-chain or distribution management
• Inventory planning or control activities
• Strong public speaking and presentation skills
• Ability to make sound business decisions under tight operating deadlines;
• Outstanding interpersonal skills with an ability and a willingness to share ideas with individuals at all levels
• Ability to perform tasks with passion, ingenuity and inventiveness
• Ability to perform work with accuracy and attention to detail 

• Graduation from a college or university of recognized standing with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government/Political Science, Finance, Business Administration, Design, Fine Arts, Communications, Urban & Regional Planning or closely related field; and
• Active pursuit or completion of a Master’s Degree in Government/Political Science (MPA/MPP), Finance, Business Administration (MBA), Communications, Environmental Sciences, Graphic Design, Marketing, Urban & Regional Planning or closely related field 

• Clarity of speech and hearing which permits the employee to communicate well with City employees and the general public
• Sufficient vision, with or without correction, which permits the employee to produce and review a wide variety of reports
• Sufficient manual dexterity which permits the employee to operate a keyboard, produce hand-written materials, and lift and move equipment or materials from time to time
• Sufficient personal mobility, which permits the employee to visit and inspect other City and fieldwork locations 

• The City will pay as part of the Fellow’s compensation, an amount attributable to the monthly base rent for the Fellow’s housing at a location selected by the City
• The City of Hamilton will not pay for or reimburse expenses related to relocation or apartment furnishings (all apartments include kitchen appliances and a clothes washer and dryer)

• Applicants are evaluated on all materials submitted. Academic papers and cover letter will be used to evaluate writing skills.
• Interviews will take place via conference call or in person, depending on the applicant’s geographic location
• The City will hire one (1) fellow annually with the selection being made prior to May 10, 2013

• Submit a detailed cover letter and resume no later than April 19, 2013
• Submit two (2) writing samples reflecting your knowledge and/or work experience in political science, public administration, or economic development.
• Provide three (3) letters of reference (two must be from professors who have first hand ability to evaluate your academic performance).

Applications shall be mailed or e-mailed to:
City of Hamilton Civil Service & Personnel Dept.
345 High Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45011  

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