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Since the 1880's, the City of Hamilton has been proud to provide its citizens and customers with the most reliable, highest quality utility systems at some of the most affordable and competitive prices in the region.  The City's utility employees take enormous pride in their work and the outstanding service they provide to our citizens and customers.

As a municipal utility, the City does not generate profits payable to stockholders. All cost savings and, alternatively, all cost increases, are passed directly on to the citizens and customers. The City reviews its rates, at a minimum, on a semi-annual basis, making necessary and appropriate changes to its individual utility rates and rates structures. These changes reflect increases and decreases in fuel costs and other cost factors impacting the various utilities, as well as Federal and State laws and regulations that also impact the cost of utility service.

The City of Hamilton, unlike any other community in Ohio and almost every other community across the U.S., owns and operates all four of the primary utility systems in the City.  To learn about each of our utility systems, click on the name of the system below.

• Electric - generation, transmission and distribution
• Natural Gas - distribution
• Water - production and distribution
• Sanitary (Water Reclamation) - wastewater collection and treatment

Through the City's Department of Public Works, the City is also responsible for the stormwater management for the community.  Click on the link below to learn more about stormwater management in the City.

• Stormwater – stormwater collection and processing

The City of Hamilton is determined to continue to update, improve and expand its utility systems, to provide its citizens, customers and future customers with the most modern, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally-sensitive utility services.

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COH Awards - Utilities - 6-2014



For additional information of the City of Hamilton utility systems, browse this website.  For inquiries, contact us at the following:

Telephone: (513) 785-7100 (Customer Service)
Fax: (513) 785-7135


Flip on the lights! Turn up the thermostat in winter or turn down the thermostat in summer! Turn on the shower! Flush the toilet! Drive safely down your street after a heavy rain! Our customers have certain expectations about the results of those actions. They expect them all to work seamlessly, in large part due to their trust in the City's Utility Systems.



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