The City of Hamilton Finance Department is responsible for:
  • Administrating and collecting local taxes
  • Disbursing and being a custodian of City funds and monies
  • Issuing vendor licenses
  • Preparing the City Budget
Purchasing Division
Purchasing Division is responsible for the purchase of goods and services for the City departments and contracts for large purchases. They can be contacted at 513-785-7140.

Income Tax Division

Income Tax Division's responsibilities include the collection and administration of the City income tax and the City hotel tax.

Accounting Division
Accounting Division prepares monthly financial reports, issues the City’s annual comprehensive and popular annual financial reports, prepares and disburses checks to employees and vendors, and manages advisory services related to financial affairs as well as internal controls.

Treasury Division
Treasury Division administers the collection, deposit  and investment of City funds, cash management, City banking arrangements, City-wide insurance, loss control, claims handling among other duties.