Important Information

Other Important Information
  • Any registration renewal that is submitted to Construction Services without the completed renewal form that was mailed to the registration holder will be charged an additional $5 processing fee.
  • Registrations can only be issued to an individual and not in the name of any company, firm or corporation.
  • The registration fee shall include the first year’s registration or portion thereof expiring January 31 of the registration year in which the registration has been obtained.
  • When a registration is obtained for the first time in December or January of a year, the fee for the following registration year shall be waived.
  • All registrations shall expire on January 31 of the registration year in which they are obtained.
  • For Sewer-Tapper renewals and new Sewer-Tapper registration applications, the applicant must provide a current certificate of insurance showing that they carry a minimum of $500,000 contractor liability coverage. This certificate is due at the time the renewal or new application is submitted.
Master Registrations
  • The master registration holder or their authorized representative may not apply for permits or registrations under the name of more than 1 company, firm or corporation; and they may not apply for permits or registrations for individuals who are not employed under the name of the same company, firm or corporation as the one listed on their registration. All registrations are to be maintained in a manner that is consistent with all rules and regulations of the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board.
  • Only Master Registration holders or their authorized representatives may apply for a permit for the work in which they are registered. Since a Master Registration is required to obtain a permit for any of the work listed above, all Master Registration holders must maintain a current state contractor’s license through the OCILB.
  • The Master Registration holder is responsible for each individual working under him/her as well as their work.
  • When an HVAC project requires that new electric be installed, a separate electric permit must be obtained for that work by a Master Electrician Registration holder who will be responsible for completing that work and obtaining the required inspection approvals.