Code Enforcement

Current Codes
The Fire Prevention Bureau enforces the City of Hamilton Fire Prevention Code, the Ohio Fire Code, and the Ohio Basic Building Code as it relates to fire prevention.

These codes provide the tools necessary to achieve a fire safe environment in the regulated occupancies. Maintaining safe exits, emergency lighting, fire protection systems (such as alarm and sprinkler systems), and other general precautions against fire are addressed.

In the City of Hamilton engine and truck company personnel perform most of the inspections. All members of the Hamilton Fire Department are required to be Ohio State Certified Fire Safety Inspectors. The Standard Operating Procedure, Company Inspections, developed in 1998 is used as a guide for the performance of company inspections.

Fire Prevention Bureau personnel become involved when violations found are not resolved at the engine and truck company level or in response to referrals or complaints.

Building Safety

In conjunction with the Construction Services Department, the Fire Prevention Bureau reviews building plans for fire protection and life safety concerns. Fire Prevention personnel assist Construction Service inspectors in performing inspections of new or modified structures.