Sign Permits

Two copies of plot plan and sign plans must be submitted with a sign permit application.
  • A non-refundable, up-front $75 review fee must accompany each sign permit application.
  • A building permit must be obtained, for any substructure, superstructure or separate structure if the information for that structure is not included with the sign permit drawings.
  • An electrical permit must be obtained for all electric wiring and electrical installation in connection with all signs.
  • Fees for permits for relocating a sign whether on new premises or on the same premises, are the same as in the case of a new sign.
  • If 1 or more signs are erected upon 1 location at 1 time, only 1 permit will be required and the amount of the permit fee will be determined by the sum of the areas of the signs to be erected.
  • For multi-face signs, each face surface must be measured to determine total sign area.
It is also important to review the Sign Ordinance (PDF) prior to submitting an application.