Detective Division

About the Division
The Detective Division of the Hamilton Police Department is composed of two sections, the Investigation Section and the Vice Section. The Division is commanded by a lieutenant. He is directly in charge of the Investigation Section. The Vice Section is supervised by a sergeant. Each section is charged with different primary duties and responsibilities.

Internal Affairs
In addition to being directly in charge of the Investigations Section and commanding the sections within the division, the Detective Division Commander is responsible for the investigations of internal affairs complaints. The goal of the internal affairs function is to ensure that the integrity of the agency is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by intensive, impartial investigation and review.

Criminal Investigations
The criminal investigation process is one of the most important police responses to the problem of crime. The officers of the Detective Division are dedicated and well-trained professionals, yet criminal investigations are not the sole responsibilities of their division. Proactive patrol strategies, rapid responses to crimes in progress, and thorough preliminary investigations by patrol officers have greater impacts on criminal apprehensions than do follow-up investigation activities.