Investigations Section

About the Investigations Section
The primary function of the Investigations Section is to provide follow-up investigation on criminal complaints involving homicide, robbery, rape, burglary, thefts, fraud, kidnapping, and abduction. Investigations Section detectives investigate all crimes except for vice- and narcotics-related crimes.

Additionally, the Investigations Section handles all juvenile complaints. Miscellaneous field complaint investigations are conducted by visiting neighborhoods to arbitrate disputes between neighbors, parents, and/or children.

The section investigates all child abuse, neglect, and dependency complaints as well as the investigation of Internet child pornography and child sexual exploitation. All members of the section are trained in the techniques of criminal investigation, and an effort is made to constantly stay abreast of the latest innovations in this area. Several thousand dollars worth of high-tech crime fighting equipment was purchased, and this investment has paid huge dividends in the identification of criminal suspects.

The Investigations Section works closely with other outside support agencies throughout the county and surrounding area.