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With Spring and nice weather approaching, I would like to invite everyone to WALK.  No really, just WALK!  Here are 100 reasons why (Borrowed from Walk With a Doc Newsletter- with their permission!)
100 Benefits of Walking

Thank you for reading and we hope you found your 'reason'.


Important Mosquito Protection Information:

1) avoid mosquito bites thru personal protection and 2) prevent mosquito breeding thru source reduction
Facts About Secondhand Smoke
  • An estimated 88 million nonsmokers in the United States breathe other peoples' tobacco smoke.
  • Each year, about 46,000 nonsmokers in the United States die from heart disease caused by secondhand smoke.
  • Secondhand smoke exposure causes an estimated 3,400 lung cancer deaths annually among adult nonsmokers in the United States.
  • Nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home or work increase their lung cancer risk by 20-30%.
  • Secondhand smoke exposure is higher among persons with low incomes: 60.5% of persons living below the poverty level in the United States were exposed to secondhand smoke in 2007-2008, compared with 36.9% of persons living at or above the poverty level.