Mission & Values

Our Mission
  • To provide exceptional police service for a better Hamilton

Our Values
We will treat all persons with compassion and understanding, always demonstrating our strong belief that one should always treat others as they would like to be treated. A significant part of our business involves customer service. All personnel who come into contact with citizens shall treat ordinary citizens with extraordinary respect. Each citizen-police encounter should foster a feeling of goodwill that extends throughout the community. We will treat all persons with dignity and respect, regardless of their race, creed, sex, or social position.

We will do the right thing even when no one is watching. Our word is our bond. We will be honest in all of our dealings, with justice as our objective. Our decisions will be based on common sense guided by integrity.

Our demeanor, and our appearance, should be above reproach. An unkempt appearance reflects poorly on all of us. We will constantly strive to improve our skills, knowledge, and abilities to improve our performance. By reaffirming our goal of overall excellence, we set the standard for pride in ourselves and in our department, always being mindful that members of the Hamilton Police Department, in both their professional and personal lives, are held to a higher standard than those we serve.

We are sworn to protect and preserve all human life. We will scrupulously observe the rights of all suspects, but we will not coddle criminals. We will give recidivists the scrutiny they deserve.


We welcome neighborhood involvement and encourage our officers to be role models within the community. We will strive to cooperate with the community and among ourselves. Differences in opinions are not only inevitable, but are also healthy. Conflict in appropriate settings encourages creativity that leads to equitable problem-solving and trust-building. We will be innovative, open-minded, and imaginative when solving problems. How we settle our differences sets the tone for our future working relationships. Whenever possible, we will strive for a "win-win" resolution.