For the Record

The City of Hamilton strives to provide accurate information to the public in a number of ways. For example, we often use the assistance of the media to communicate our messages. On occasion, we request a correction or clarification from the media on a story that may contain a factual error.  In addition to newspaper clarifications, this page will be utilized to address concerns that members of City Council receive from community members.

On this page, we hope to "set the record straight" by providing that factual information directly to the public, and we will post any corrections or clarifications that we have requested from the media as well as addressing concerns relayed to members of City Council.

February 27, 2017 - Hamilton to Solicit Community Feedback - 
Cancels Public Hearings

The City of Hamilton has decided to cancel two public hearings regarding chronic nuisances and residential rental registration and inspection, and to pull from the agenda multiple proposed ordinances regarding chronic nuisances, rental registration and inspections, and utility payments, until an ad-hoc committee comprised of landlords - both small & large - has an opportunity to work with city public safety, administration and community development officials to fine-tune the legislation being proposed to City Council... read more here.