Temporary Sign Registration

Signage Legislation
The legislation requires the following:
  • Any temporary sign over 8 square feet up to a maximum of 32 square feet displayed in business or commercial zoned areas must be registered through the City of Hamilton Community Development Department.
  • Temporary signs less than 8 square feet will continue to be permitted as indicated below.
  • Temporary signs between 8 square feet and 32 square feet displayed by businesses may be erected for a total of 90 days per lot per calendar year.
  • The temporary sign shall not be illuminated and must be maintained in good repair without holes, properly secured against wind loads, setback a minimum of 25 feet from any other temporary sign on the same property, and outside the required 5-foot setback to any property line.
  • The temporary sign must be located outside of sight distance triangle in accordance with Section 1131.50 of the City of Hamilton Zoning Ordinance. There is no cost for the temporary sign registration for businesses with the City, which can be done in person, through the mail or by fax/email.
As part of the newly adopted temporary sign legislation, the City adopted a zoning prohibition on the display of signs or sign structures that are supported, held, or affixed, permanently or temporarily, to a mannequin or any other similar attention getting device designed to attract the attention to a product, service, business or event produced, provided, conducted, sold, offered, or performed on the premises.

Signage Regulations
For the display of temporary signs less than 8 square feet - the following applies:
  • Non-Residential Uses in business and commercial zoning districts will continue to be permitted to display 1 exempt sign no larger than 8 square feet in area. Exempt signs are limited to 1 per street frontage or 2 per 300 feet of each lot frontage or portion thereof, and must be setback a minimum of 25 feet from any other exempt or temporary sign. Exempt signs may not exceed 4 feet in height, may not be illuminated, must be maintained in good repair, properly secured against wind loads, and setback a minimum of 5 feet from any property line.
  • The display of temporary signs within the public right-of-way, on city utility poles and equipment is not permitted. These illegally placed signs may and will be promptly removed by City of Hamilton officials. To report alleged complaints of signs within the public right-of-way or any sign compliant please call 513-785-7080 or visit the City of Hamilton Request Tracker.
The Hamilton Sign Code can be found here.

Temporary Signage Resources