Repairing Your Concrete Sidewalk & Curb

In the City of Hamilton, the property owner is responsible for keeping the sidewalk, curb and gutter next to his or her lot safe and in good condition (Section 521.06 City of Hamilton Codified Ordinances).

Every year, inspectors from the City's Public Works Department will inspect concrete surfaces (i.e. sidewalks) on streets selected for the annual resurfacing program. They check to see what sidewalk, drive approaches, or curb and gutter should be repaired before the street is repaved. They also inspect individual properties throughout the city if someone reports a bad situation to the Department. Defective concrete in need of repair is marked with yellow paint.

The curb and gutter protect the pavement by providing a solid border to support the edge of the asphalt. The curb and gutter also drain water off the pavement into the storm sewers. If water gets under the pavement, it can make the base soft and cause potholes.

Not only are these repairs important to the appearance and value of your property, but they also protect you from liability from damages due to your defective concrete.

For questions about what is to be repaired, how your concrete was marked, the cost of work to be done, hiring a licensed contractor, or required permits, please contact the Public Works Department at 345 High Street, Suite 520 , Hamilton OH 45011 or telephone 513-785-7280.

Methods of payments or assistance with grant applications, if the city does your work, please contact the Finance Department by calling 513-785-7170.