Right-of-Way Permits

A permit is required from the Public Works Department whenever work is performed in the right-of-way. This includes activities such as:
  • Placing a dumpster in the parking lane or alley for construction demolition
  • Placing a planter or bench on the sidewalk outside of a business
  • Planting, trimming, or removing a tree
  • Repairing gas, water, or sewer service lines
  • Repairing sidewalk or curb
Fees are charged for sidewalk and curb repairs.

Fees are also charged for street cut permits, whenever the street pavement must be excavated, in accordance with Section 907 of the Codified Ordinances. The cost of the street cut is based upon the size of the excavation: $20 for the first square yard plus $15 for each additional square yard. These fees are to pay the cost for the permanent pavement repair done by the Street Division. Cuts made in a gravel alley cost $5 per square yard, plus $5.

Street Cut Permits

Street cut permits are usually issued only to licensed plumbers and sewer tappers. The City Engineer may approve a street cut permit to other individuals or companies. No permit will be issued to someone who does not have adequate insurance coverage for working in the street.

The permit holder must maintain traffic in accordance with the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The street must be restored with a temporary asphalt repair until the Street Maintenance Division makes the permanent repair, which could be as much as 1 year later. The permit holder is responsible to maintain the cut if it should settle or become rough: if the Street Maintenance Division must maintain the temporary repair, it will usually be performed on overtime and the cost will be billed to the permit holder.

If the street cut is made by an asphalt paving contractor or others with demonstrated expertise, the contractor may provide the permanent pavement restoration. In this case, no fee would be charged for the permit. The permanent repair should be equal to the existing pavement, but not less than a minimum thickness determined by the City Engineer.

Permanent Repair
When the Street Maintenance Division personnel make the permanent repair, they measure the size of the actual repair and notify the City Engineer. Any difference from the permit fee is billed or refunded as necessary.