About the Department

  1. Accreditation

    The Hamilton Police Department received its initial accreditation in 1990, when it became the 139th Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency.

  2. Annual Reports

    Download annual police reports from the city's Police Department.

  3. Commendation Procedure

    Any citizen may commend either an employee or the department. Commendations of either the department or 1 of its employees shall be handled courteously and professionally.

  4. Complaint Procedure

    Learn about filing a complaint against an officer from the department.

  5. Department History

    Read the history of the Police Department.

  6. Memorabilia

    Browse the collection of memorabilia that is for sale through the Police Department.

  7. Message from the Chief

    Read a letter from the Chief of the Police Department.

  8. Mission & Values

    The mission of the Police Department is to provide exceptional police service, for a better Hamilton.