Police Officer Application Process

The following is in chronological order of what needs to be completed in order to become a Hamilton Police Officer.

There are two methods to be used to begin the process of becoming a Hamilton Police Officer.

  1. On the Hamilton Police page of the City of Hamilton website there is an interest link on the recruitment page.  Complete the form provided and you will be notified when the application period is opened for an upcoming test for police officer.
  2. Interest may also be expressed by filing with the Department of Civil Service and Personnel directly as outlined below.


Apply at:
Department of Civil Service and Personnel
1 Renaissance Center
1st Floor
Hamilton, OH 45011
513-785-7037 fax

You can also apply by emailing or faxing a resume to the Department of Civil Service at the above address. When notified of the open application period, applicants must bring their operator's license, high school diploma or GED certificate, and a DD214 form if previously in the military. Those who have properly filed for examination will be notified of the examination date, time, and location.

For more information about the Hamilton Police Department, call the Hamilton Police Department's Public Affairs Section at 513-868-5811, ext. 2007.

Written Examination

After you have applied, you will have to take a written examination. The results of a written, validated examination will determine the eligibility list.

Additional points are awarded when:
  • Those applicants who have at least 180 days active military service with Honorable Discharge will be granted an additional 5 points.
  • Applicants who are Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) certified will receive 5 extra points towards his/her exam score.
  • Applicants who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree will receive an extra credit of 5 percent of their exam score.
  • Applicants who claim Spanish speaking proficiency must submit a written request to undergo further testing. You must provide some indication as to the level of proficiency with which you claim to speak Spanish. Applicants who score in the intermediate high level or above will receive a 5% credit added to his/her exam score.
The maximum amount of credit for the exam is 20 points.

Ranking on the eligibility list is based upon the written examination score.

Physical Fitness Examination

After the written examination is completed, you will need to take the physical fitness examination. All potential officers are required to complete the physical fitness examination under the following requirements (requirements are based upon the national 50th percentile for gender and age group.)


  • Age 20.5-29
    • 1.5-mile run: 12:38
    • Push-ups in one minute: 29
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 38
  • Age 30-39
    • 1.5-mile run: 13:04
    • Push-ups in one minute: 24
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 35
  • Age 40-49
    • 1.5-mile run: 13:49
    • Push-ups in one minute: 18
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 29
  • Age 50-59
    • 1.5-mile run: 15:03
    • Push-ups in one minute: 13
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 24
  • Age 60-69
    • 1.5-mile run: 16:46
    • Push-ups in one minute: 10
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 19
  • Age 70-79
    • 1.5-mile run: 18:38
    • Push-ups in one minute: 10
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 19


  • Age 20.5-29
    • 1.5-mile run: 14:50
    • Push-ups in one minute: 23
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 32
  • Age 30-39
    • 1.5-mile run: 15:38
    • Push-ups in one minute: 19
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 25
  • Age 40-49
    • 1.5-mile run: 16:21
    • Push-ups in one minute: 13
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 20
  • Age 50-59
    • 1.5-mile run: 18:07
    • Push-ups in one minute: 12
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 14
  • Age 60-69
    • 1.5-mile run: 20:06
    • Push-ups in one minute: 5
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 6
  • Age 70-79
    • 1.5-mile run: 21:34
    • Push-ups in one minute: 5
    • Sit-ups in one minute: 6

Other Examinations

Applicants still in contention will undergo:
  • A psychological examination conducted by a licensed psychologist who is specifically experienced in the evaluations of police officer candidates
  • A polygraph examination, which encompasses drug usage and criminal behavior
  • An extensive background check
After all phases are successfully passed, information is forwarded to the Chief of Police.


The applicant is asked to test at the Police Department. The testing includes the oral and written reporting of a scenario, and an oral interview conducted by a panel of officers from each rank. After the interview, recommendations are made by the panel on whether to hire the applicant.

Screenings & Medical

A drug screen will be conducted wherein a hair sample is taken and tested for illegal substances.

A medical examination will be conducted by a licensed physician and will include an examination for general good health.

Training Academy

Recruits are sent to a basic training academy, if hired, for a period of 13 to 15 weeks. The most often used academies are the:
  • Ohio State Patrol Training Academy
  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA)
  • Butler County Police Academy
  • Butler Tech Peace Officer Training Academy

Field Training

After successful graduation from the training academy, new officers are assigned to Field Training Officers (FTOs) for a period of approximately 90 days, prior to independent assignment.