National Bicycle Registry Program

Don’t let it end up at a police auction or donated!

Since 1984, the National Bike Registry (NBR®) has been working with law enforcement to return stolen bikes to their rightful owners. A bike registered with NBR, the only true national database, can be identified by police and returned to you instead of being sold at a police auction. The Hamilton Police Department felt this is an important program to be established and implemented for our citizens. Bicycles are very costly and with this program it’s well worth the investment to protect your bicycle.

Protect Your Bike & Investment
While many types of property theft have declined in recent years, bicycle theft is on the rise according to FBI statistics. The increasing popularity of bicycling as a sport and a means of transportation have made bicycles an easy target for thieves. It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year. Nowhere is bicycle theft more of a than at parks, pools, front yards, or even riding to work.

By purchasing a National Bicycle Registration packet, law enforcement can then be able to:
  • Permit state and local government entities to use Internet technology to register bicycles
  • Ensure consumer privacy by making the unauthorized release of personal information subject to penalties
  • Guarantee that local law enforcement agencies have access to the Internet registration database(s) to enable them to return recovered bicycles to their rightful owners
  • Cap registration fees at the amount currently allowed by state law
  • Work with bicycle retailers
  • Require, beginning January 1, 2006, that the serial number of a bicycle be clearly identified
  • Will result in more recovered bicycles to their rightful owners and help law enforcement officials
There are various fee levels associated with this program:
  • $10 covers one bike for a 10-year period
  • $25 covers one bike for a 30-year period.
  • $25 Family Plan covers up to five bikes at a single address for 10 years.
  • $.99 Stolen Bike Registry covers one bike from when it was stolen and for six months after to assist you in recovering it in the event a participating law enforcement agency finds it.
Please call the Public Affairs Section at 513-868-5811, extension 2007 for further inquiries for this program or visit the National Bike Registry to register your bike(s).