City Hall

  1. City Council

    The Hamilton City Council considers and acts on matters of governmental or utility operations, which involves the establishment of policy decisions and/or the enactment of legislation.

  2. City Manager

    The City of Hamilton operates under the Council-Manager form of government established in 1926.

  3. Fellowship Program

    The City of Hamilton, Ohio’s Fellowship Program comprises of 3 11-month post-graduate fellowships preparing individuals for a dynamic, upper management-oriented career in city management, utilities, engineering, economic development.

  4. Charter Amendments

    Read the available charters that have been amended.

  5. City Travel Expenses

    Browse reports on city-paid travel, that cost more than $500 or involved an overnight stay, by city employees and help keep your government accountable.

  6. Phone Directory

    Get numbers for different departments, offices, and services within the City.