Security & Private Area Lighting Request

Outdoor lighting is an easy way to help increase the safety and security of your home or business at a low monthly cost. The City of Hamilton installs and maintains Security and Private Area Lighting for its residential, commercial, and industrial customers. There is no installation charge if the light is placed on an existing pole where electric service is readily available. If a new pole and span of wire is required, a fee of $4.54 per month will be charged. Customers may choose from the light types and wattages listed below to best suit their needs.

Monthly rates are subject to adjustment. For further information on Security and Private Area Lighting, contact Senior Utilities Engineering Technician Jim Marshall at 513.785.7221 or

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Floodlights Metal Halide Floodligths
 400 watt        $14.50/month                                           400 watt        $15.49/month                         
 1,000 watt     $31.47/month  1,000 watt     $30.97/month

Cobra Head Fixtures
Light-emitting Diode (LED) 
Cobra Head Fixtures
High Pressure Sodium (HPS)
Cobra Head Fixtures (1)
 20 chip (70-150 watt equivalent) (2)     $5.77/month  70 watt (2)     $5.77/month                        
 30 chip (150-200 watt equivalent)        100 watt        $6.94/month
   150 watt        $7.89/month
   200 watt        $9.09/month
   400 watt        $14.07/month

      (1) HPS cobra head fixtures no longer available for installation; however, the rate schedule remains in effect for those customers with existing HPS cobra head fixtures. 

(2) 70 watt option may be a cobra head fixture or a ‘package-light’ fixture, whichever application is most appropriate.