Water Boiling Advisory

Water service can be interrupted or contaminated for a number of reasons, including construction accidents, water main breaks, natural disasters, or the demands of the fire department while fighting a fire. If water pressure drops below 20 psi, bacterial contamination of the drinking water may be a possibility. When this occurs, the City of Hamilton issues a precautionary Water Boiling Advisory to water customers located within the affected area(s). The Water Boiling Advisory is issued via phone using Butler County's Emergency Notification System, as well as by press release to local media outlets, and through the City’s social media platforms.

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A Water Boiling Advisory recommends customers in the impacted area(s) take the following precautions to ensure the purity of their water, including water used for drinking, cooking, washing food, making ice and drinks, brushing teeth, and even water for pets.
  1. Boil water vigorously for at least one full minute (after water begins to bubble). Boiling kills harmful bacteria that may be in the water.
  2. Utilize bottled water.
Customers should also follow these helpful tips when a Water Boiling Advisory is issued:
  • Throw away any ice made during a Water Boiling Advisory. Freezing does NOT kill bacteria.
  • Adults and teens can use water for bathing, but should be careful not to swallow water. 
  • Young children should be given a sponge bath as they often swallow water. 
  • Wash clothes as you normally do.
  • Only use your dishwasher if there is a high temperature cycle.
  • After Water Boiling Advisory is lifted, flush house pipes, ice makers, hot water heaters, water softeners, and garden hoses, and change filters before using water for drinking and cooking.
A Water Boiling Advisory will remain in effect until two consecutive clear sets of water samples are obtained. When the water has been determined to be safe (coliform negative) an All Clear Advisory will be issued.