Generation Assets

The City of Hamilton utilizes a diverse and environmentally conscious energy portfolio to generate and provide electricity to its customers. Listed below is a summary of the City’s generation facilities.
  1. Meldahl
  2. Greenup
  3. Hamilton Hydro
  4. Prairie State
  5. AFEC
  6. JVII
  7. GT2
Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility
The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is a joint venture between the City of Hamilton and American Municipal Power (AMP). The City is the majority owner with 51.4%. This 105 mega-watt (MW) hydroelectric plant, located on the Ohio River near Augusta, Kentucky, began full commercial operation in April 2016. The Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility is projected to generate approximately 550 million kilo-watt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable energy annually. 

For more information on the Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility, click here

Meldahal June 2015