Utility Pole Assessment & Replacement Program

In June 2015, the City of Hamilton Electric Department and its consultant, Alden Systems, began a survey and condition assessment of the City’s electric utility poles. The condition of each wooden pole is being assessed, noting items such as missing access plates and exposed wiring on non-wooden poles, and identifying electrical safety issues. Information collected through the survey will allow the City to prioritize pole replacements and to address any issues identified during the survey. 

The survey will include approximately 24,000 poles across the electric utility service area, and is expected to be completed in 2016. Service to City electric customers will not be impacted by the pole survey.

Additionally, Global Positioning System (GPS) location data on each pole is being collected, along with attaching identification numbers, photographing each pole, and recording all pole attachments for use in the Electric Department’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and asset management system.

During the pole survey, Alden Systems representatives are working along streets and alleys and within the electric utility easements, including backyard electric easements. Survey vehicles clearly display Alden Systems and City of Hamilton Contractor identification. Clothing worn by Alden Systems representatives displays the firm’s name and “Utility Inspection Contractor”. Alden Systems staff also carries City of Hamilton Contractor cards for identification purposes.

Questions regarding the Utility Pole Assessment and Replacement Program can be directed to Dalton Marcum, Hamilton Associate Electrical Engineer, at 513.785.7235, or via email at dalton.marcum@hamilton-oh.gov