Outdoor Refreshment Area

Hamilton’s DORA (Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area) went into effect May 3, 2018. In this area you will be able to purchase alcoholic beverages from a qualified liquor permit holder within the DORA boundaries and walk around outside with your drink. 

No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted within the DORA.

Hours of Operation: 7 days a week Noon to Midnight

Where you can carry your Official DORA Cup:

The DORA boundary, shown below, encompasses approximately 195 acres, and includes the Central Business District, German Village, and Main Street Business District. Black and white signs will mark the parameters where patrons can walk. You can also download the map here.


  • Your to-go alcoholic beverage must be in the Official DORA Cup that specifies the name of the business before you leave the participating establishment.

  • You cannot take an alcoholic beverage purchased at one liquor serving establishment into another liquor establishment.

  • You cannot take an alcoholic beverage purchased at a liquor serving establishment into any special event area where alcohol is also sold.

  • You can take a purchased alcoholic drink into a non-liquor serving establishment if the owner allows. Every business that does not sell alcohol has the right to decide if they will allow patrons to bring in DORA beverages.

  • You cannot bring your own alcoholic beverage into the district.

Remember, all State of Ohio and City of Hamilton laws regarding public intoxication, impaired driving, and open containers apply to areas both inside and outside of the DORA boundaries. Please drink responsibly.

For more information on Outdoor Refreshment Areas, please refer to Ohio Revised Code § 4301.82

Participating Restaurants and Bars:

  • Municipal Brew Works
  • Basil 1791
  • Neal’s BBQ
  • North Second Tap & Bottle Shop
  • Plaza One Grille
  • Richard’s Pizza
  • Roll on In
  • Tano Bistro
  • Casual Pint
  • Fretboard Brewing & Public House
  • Fitton Center for Creative Arts*
  • Monkey's Mutual Aid Society **

* During events, as posted

** Members only