Hamilton River Plan

Hamilton River Plan

This is the 2018 Hamilton River Plan.  It is the result of several community forums, public input meetings, and efforts from multiple institutions and city agencies.

The Hamilton River Plan was developed due to the potential of the Great Miami River, and due to numerous investment and development projects occurring at the river, including Spooky Nook Sports Complex, the Miami Conservancy District's Hamilton ponds project, the Great Miami Rowing Center, and others.

About the Plan

The Hamilton River Plan is a document plan involving citizen and stakeholder input regarding the potential of the Great Miami River in Hamilton.  This involves a number of related subjects important to the continued growth and prosperity in Hamilton, including the downtown and riverfront.

Several goals have been identified through the public meetings, processes, and collaboration on the river plan:

  • Make Hamilton's riverfront a destination
  • Increase river crossings
  • Increase river activity
  • Increase access to the river
  • Increase activity adjacent to the river (recreation, housing, entertainment, multi-uses, and mixed use)
  • Allow for bicycle and pedestrian circulation around the river on both sides
  • Better connections to the river